Boysen KNOxOUT Project Edsa

  • Is BOYSEN KNOxOUT a low VOC environmentally friendly paint?

    Yes. BOYSEN KNOxOUT has a level of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that underwent and met most of the international ecolabelling standards for environmental performance. In fact, the VOC level of BOYSEN KNOxOUT is below US and European VOC limits for flat latex paint.

    But what sets BOYSEN KNOxOUT apart is how it has potential to achieve a net VOC reduction in its lifetime. While most eco-friendly paints are focused on low VOC levels to minimize their environmental impact, BOYSEN KNOxOUT establishes a new paradigm for green paints – that of an eco-ACTive paint with Air Cleaning Technology that continuously works to reduce pollution and improve the environment.

    With BOYSEN KNOxOUT also being lead-free and mercury-free, you can rest assure that with it, you and the environment are safe.

  • Are there special equipment or sundries needed in the application of BOYSEN KNOxOUT?

    BOYSEN KNOxOUT can be applied like regular paint. Being so, you may use any of the following: paint brush, roller or airless spray. 

  • What sheen levels of BOYSEN KNOxOUT are available?

    BOYSEN KNOxOUT is only available in a flat sheen.

  • Can I have special colors mixed?

    Special colors are mixed and produced through our factory. You may have them mixed by placing a special order at the hardware store or depot nearest to you. If you have a color in mind, please bring a sample and we will do our best to find a matching paint color for you!

  • Will the BOYSEN KNOxOUT paint film get dirty from pollution?

    The same photocatalytic reaction that breaks down pollutants also makes it difficult for dirt to adhere to the paint film. It also makes the surface very hydrophilic, so these dirt particles can be washed away by rain.

  • Why should I worry about air pollution?

    Because air pollution is everybody’s problem, it affects each and every one of us.

    Here are some facts to illustrate the effects of air pollution

    • According to the World Health Organization (, in 2012, approximately one in eight of total global deaths or an estimated 7 million people died as a result of air pollution exposure.
    • As calculated by the European Commission, life expectancy is also affected as it is reduced by more than eight months on average and by more than two years in the most polluted cities (
    • In a heavily polluted city like Metro Manila, it has been esitmated that 1 of every 8 premature deaths is caused by air pollution.

  • What is NOx?

    NOx or Nitrogen Oxides are highly reactive gases containing nitrogen and oxygen. It is mostly generated by vehicle emissions, and has serious health and environmental effects. It forms smog (ground level ozone) and small particulate matter that can cause respiratory problems; and also leads to acid rain.


  • How does BOYSEN KNOxOUT clean the air?

    Click here to learn more about BOYSEN KNOxOUT and how its technology works to fight air pollution.

  • Does BOYSEN KNOxOUT really work?

    The air cleaning technology used in BOYSEN KNOxOUT has been proven effective in a series of trials. Click here  to learn more about the tests conducted and their respective results.

  • When does the air cleaning technology become effective?

    There is an activation period needed before BOYSEN KNOxOUT will become fully efficient in NOx reduction because a thin organic layer of the paint has to be “burned off” first to expose as much photocatalytic TiO2 as possible to the air. The time it takes to burn off this organic layer to achieve maximum NOx reduction potential of BOYSEN KNOxOUT varies depending on the amount of sunlight (UV) it is exposed to. The amount of UV needed is approximately 1 watt / sq meter at 380-400 nm, so in general the activation time should be quite short in exterior surfaces exposed to the sun but longer in interior areas that rely solely on fluorescent light as the source for UV.

  • How can I maintain the efficacy of the paint over time?

    To maximize the efficacy of BOYSEN KNOxOUT, we recommend lightly cleaning painted surfaces with water – especially, if the painted area is not exposed to the rain. 

  • For how long will BOYSEN KNOxOUT clean the air?

    Because the photocatalyst does not get used up in the process of breaking down pollutants, BOYSEN KNOxOUT will keep cleaning the air as long as the paint stays on the surface and it’s exposed to light and humidity.